Why No Pricing?

We recently received an inquiry on our Facebook page asking why we do not show pricing for portable concentrators on our website. We thought it a great question and hope you’ll find our response helpful as well.

Portable oxygen concentrators are medical equipment and should not be purchased as flippantly as one would buy a toaster or blender. Medical equipment is not a click-and-buy item. Oxygen users need to be aware they are buying a prescription item and shopping research should be more than looking for the best price or the smallest and lightest machine. Manufacturers and non-clinical resellers have a tendency to over-promise the amount of oxygen being delivered and do not take individual needs into account.

We prefer to focus on assisting oxygen users in choosing the best portable concentrator that will meet their oxygen needs. Many companies offer a quick purchase, but oxygen users end up getting a unit that is not clinically suitable for their oxygen needs. For instance, many will purchase a pulse-only model because it is small and light (both are attractive features), but it may not meet their oxygen needs while sleeping when continuous flow is needed and is recommended by doctors. Since one’s health is our primary concern, we focus on the clinical suitability of the concentrators we sell. Price is a secondary concern, but our prices are very competitive and probably lower than one would expect if they’ve only done online shopping.

We would be happy to help you choose the best POC to meet your needs. Give us a call!

  • David baker says:

    I need help finding a way to get around with ease instead of carrying a E size tank.

  • Dave Varnes says:

    My doctor has written a prescription for a portable concentrator but my supplier cannot find one to suit my needs. I need up to 6 lpm continuous flow. Does that machine exist? I am not able to life tanks in and out of the car and it is becoming harder for my wife to assist me because of her back problems. I’m becoming a prisoner in my own home. I hope you have good news.

    • OxiMedical says:

      Unfortunately, no. No POC exists that can provide up to 6 LPM continuous. The most powerful POC on the market is the SeQual Eclipse 5. It provides up to 3 LPM continuous and pulse settings up to 9.