The Future of Home Medical Equipment to be Introduced at Medtrade Spring

Medtrade Spring, the second largest trade show in the U.S. focused exclusively on the home medical equipment market, is quickly approaching and several manufacturers are eager to share their newest products.

About Medtrade Spring

This massive medical trade show will be held on March 28th and 29th in Las Vegas, Nevada, where roughly five hundred exhibitors will share their newest products and ideas with the nation’s leading companies. Several manufacturers such as ResMed, CAIRE Medical, and O2 Concepts will be showcasing their latest creations that will be released during the third and fourth quarters this year.


Earlier this year, ResMed announced their first branded portable oxygen concentrator, the Mobi. This lightweight machine, combined with a lasting battery life and stylish carrying case, will be perfect for both homebodies and frequent travelers. It will also be ideal for active customers who exercise regularly, which is incredibly important for individuals dealing with COPD. The ResMed Mobi portable oxygen system is projected to hit the market in the late second-quarter of 2018, but the HME companies attending Medtrade are eager to witness its debut in person at the show.

O2 Concepts

As they climb the ranks of the HME industry, O2 Concepts has been showing a prototype device similar to the Mobi and the Freestyle. Many believe they may be ready to launch their newest portable oxygen concentrator, the Freedom. Little is known of the unit’s features, but there is speculation that the Freedom will also be very comparable to an Inogen POC.

Drive Medical

DeVilbiss, a well-known and experienced provider of durable home medical equipment, was recently acquired by Drive Medical. In recent months, Drive Medical has been developing their own battery-operated POC, which will weigh less than five pounds. Its release is projected to be during the late fourth quarter of 2018 and will give Drive Medical a competitive place in the portable oxygen concentrator market. Due to their recent acquisition of DeVilbiss, Drive Medical will not be showing a prototype of any kind at Medtrade Spring, but everyone is eager to see what they have in store for the POC market next year.

Bluetooth Monitoring

The POC market is projected to become an 8.6 billion dollar industry within the next five years, so companies and manufacturers are working hard to lay the foundation for the future of home oxygen equipment with the introduction of telemedicine and bluetooth-monitored devices. Telemedicine allows medical companies and clinics to provide care for their patients across large distances so that the patient never has to leave the comforts of their home. Furthermore, monitoring devices would be incredibly helpful for COPD patients and their medical professional team because it will allow them to identify any potential problems and alert their care providers at the touch of a button.


Using information from their Zen-O portable oxygen concentrator, GCE has recently announced their new Clarity Connected Care online platform, which will utilize a new technology to allow HME providers to monitor and optimize device performance and even track the location of devices using GPS and cellular technologies. This new development in the industry could completely change the manner in which oxygen care is provided and monitored, which is what GCE aims to introduce this year at Medtrade Spring.

The Future of Home Medical Equipment

The HME industry is just tapping the surface of bluetooth-connected POC’s, but the further development of these units could lead to production of smartphone-monitored concentrators, which would allow their information to be downloaded to a doctor’s office. The future of oxygen concentrators is here and will be the topic of conversation at Medtrade Spring this year and for years to come.


1 Telemedicine also reduces the number of recurring hospital visits in COPD patients.