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Your Travel Oxygen Provider

OxiMedical Respiratory specializes in providing the latest portable oxygen concentrators for oxygen users while travelling. A vacation or trip to see family provides a change of scenery and a change from the routine of daily life. Here at OxiMedical we believe arranging an oxygen rental should be as smooth and stress-free a process as possible.

Our rental advisers are fully qualified to help you make the most of your upcoming trip. For OxiMedical to provide you with the right portable concentrator, we will ask questions relating to your condition, your liters per minute, day usage, age, and so on. From the given details we can allow battery time, and any specific extra requirements, such as extra tubing/face mask, plugs, or chargers. Recent changes in airline policies have made it easier to allow patients to take our portable concentrators on board most major airlines.

Before OxiMedical can rent or sell a concentrator, we will ask you for confirmation of your oxygen-rental requirements. This can be from your general practitioner, local hospital, or any medical professional, and is an extremely important document in order for any rental to proceed. You may send your prescription or physician’s statement via email to or via fax to 888-848-1085.

For the rental to run as efficiently as possible, we will deliver your unit 2-3 business days prior to your trip, giving you the perfect opportunity to have extra time using the unit and getting to know the outstanding performance provided by your specific unit.

OxiMedical has vast experience in making vacations and weekend get-aways stress-free for many oxygen users. Our promise is to ease the anxiety of traveling when on oxygen, giving you the confidence to rely on a reputable company that knows the industry inside and out.

Careful planning is essential for all oxygen users and lets us ensure your trip goes smoothly.

Rental Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a prescription to rent a POC?
    Yes! We require a prescription from your physician before we will release a portable to you.
  • What’s the cost?
    Daily Rentals – $35/day (minimum 6 days). Weekly Rentals – $240 for the first week; $100 for each additional week. This price includes ground shipping.
  • What’s the minimum rental period?
    6 days
  • Can I take these on an airplane?
    Yes! All of these devices are FAA approved for air travel
  • How many batteries should I rent for my flight?
    FAA requirements state an oxygen patient must have enough battery life for 150% of the flight’s time. Depending on your flight’s distance, you can typically rely on needing at least two batteries. If you were to take a 3 hour flight, you’d want 4.5 hours worth of battery life.
  • Can I request additional batteries?
    Yes! Extra batteries are $5/day each with a POC rental.
  • Can I rent a battery charger?
    Of course! Extra battery chargers are an additional $50 each.
  • Can I buy my rental?
    Yes! If you are so satisfied with your rental experience that you want to keep your portable oxygen concentrator, you may purchase that model and we’ll apply 50% (up to $150) of your rental charge towards its purchase.