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Rental Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a prescription to rent a POC?
    Yes! We require a prescription from your physician before we will release a portable to you.
  • What’s the minimum rental period?
    5 days
  • Can I take these on an airplane?
    Yes! All of these devices are FAA approved for air travel
  • How many batteries do I need for my flight?
    Airline requirements state an oxygen patient must have enough battery life for 150% of the flight’s time. Depending on your flight’s distance, you can typically rely on needing at least two batteries. If you were to take a 3 hour flight, you’d want 4.5 hours worth of battery life.
  • Can I buy my rental?
    Yes! 100% of your rental can be applied to your purchase!

Travel Packages-Airline Approved & will Charge in Your Car

Travel Package 1
Daytime Portable
$260  4-6 Days
$300  7-9 Days
$350 10-15 Days
$495 30 Days

System Includes:

5 Lb. Carry Portable

1 – Small Battery-4 Hrs

1 – Large Battery-8 Hrs

$30 Ground Shipping

Approved by your Doctor for Daytime Use

Travel Package 2
Daytime Portable + Nighttime Oxygen
$320  4-6 Days
$360  7-9 Days
$400  10-15 Days

System Includes:

5 Lb. Carry Portable

1 – Small Battery-4 Hrs

1 – Large Battery-8 Hrs

8 Lbs. Concentrator
2 Liter Flow
For Night Time Use
Travel Package 3
Daytime Portable + Nighttime Oxygen
$320  4-6 Days
$360  7-9 Days
$400  10-15 Days

System Includes:

5 Lb. Carry Portable

1 – Small Battery-4 Hrs

1 – Large Battery-8 Hrs

18 Lbs. Concentrator
5 Liter Flow
For Night Time Use
Travel Package 4
Nighttime Oxygen
Travel Package 5
Nighttime Oxygen
Your Doctor ordered continuous flow
oxygen at night to protect your heart. 

Your Travel Oxygen Provider

OxiMedical Respiratory specializes in providing the latest portable oxygen concentrators for oxygen users while traveling. A vacation or trip to see family provides a change of scenery and a change from the routine of daily life. Here at OxiMedical, we believe arranging an oxygen rental should be as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Our rental advisers are fully qualified to help you make the most of your upcoming trip. For OxiMedical to provide you with the right portable concentrator, we will ask questions relating to your condition, your oxygen requirement in liters per minute, day usage, age, and so on. From the given details we can accommodate battery time, and any specific extra requirements, such as extra tubing/face mask, plugs, or chargers. Recent changes in airline policies have made it easier to allow patients to take our portable concentrators on board most major airlines.

Before OxiMedical can rent or sell a concentrator, we will ask you for confirmation of your oxygen-rental requirements. This can be from your general practitioner, local hospital, or any medical professional, and is an extremely important document in order for any rental to proceed. You may send your prescription or physician’s statement via email to or via fax to 888-848-1085.

For the rental to run as efficiently as possible, we will deliver your unit 2-3 business days prior to your trip, giving you the perfect opportunity to have extra time using the unit and getting to know the outstanding performance provided by your specific unit.

OxiMedical has vast experience in making vacations and weekend get-aways stress-free for many oxygen users. Our promise is to ease the anxiety of traveling while on oxygen, giving you the confidence to rely on a reputable company that knows the industry inside and out.

Careful planning is essential for all oxygen users and lets us ensure your trip goes smoothly.

Best Service Program In The Business • Don’t Settle For Less

1. 30-Day Risk-Free Trial

      If you’re not satisfied with the portable concentrator you purchased, we’ll exchange it for the

      portable oxygen concentrator that meets your oxygen needs.

2. Trade-In Upgrade Program

       If you need to Upgrade to a Higher Flow Oxygen Portable Machine or a Lighter Portable.

3. Warranty Transfer Program

       If you sell your portable to a third party, we’ll continue to support the manufacturer warranty.

4. Free Lifetime Technical Support

       We are here to answer any questions about your portable oxygen system.

5. Automatic Replacement Program

      If your portable oxygen needs repair while under warranty, we will provide you with a


6. Best Price Buy Back Program

       If you do not have a need for the portable in the future.

7. Lifetime Software Upgrades

        No extra charge if your portable requires a new software upgrade

Customer Reviews

We Have A Zero-Tolerance Policy Towards Fake Reviews & Falsified Customer Feedback.

Our Company Guidelines Requires We  Invite Our Customers To Leave Reviews In An Unbiased Way.


Flow Setting

  Single 8-Cell Battery

 Double 16-Cell Battery

1-Pulse (11 milliliters)

                         4.5 Hours

                                         9 Hours

2-Pulse (22 milliliters)

                            4 Hours

                                         8 Hours

3-Pulse (36 milliliters)

                         3.5 Hours

                                         7 Hours

4-Pulse (44 milliliters)

                            3 Hours

                                         6 Hours

5-Pulse (50 milliliters)

                         2.5 Hours

                                         5 Hours


Inogen One G3 Specifications


4.8 lbs


8.75″ wide × 3″ deep × 8.25″ high (Height includes single battery)

Oxygen Flow:

Intelligent Delivery Technology Five flow settings from 1-5

Power Settings:

AC Power Supply 100-240V, 50-60Hz (auto sensing to allow worldwide use) DC Power: for mobile use in car/airplane


Duration (single battery): up to 4.5 hour Duration (double battery): up to 9 hours

Noise Level:

39 dBA*

Understanding Your Oxygen Order Before You Buy a POC
  • Oxygen is prescribed by a control of the flow rate, i.e., liter flow. The common 1-3 liters per minute continuous flow is not appropriate in all situations. This could be too much or not enough.

  • Precision in the use of the proper flow, or amount of oxygen, is necessary. The flow of oxygen should achieve the normal amount of oxygen in your blood, expressed as a saturation above 90%.

What to Know Before You Buy a POC
  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators produce oxygen, they do not store oxygen.
  • Portable concentrators produce varying levels of oxygen per minute, which allows for an acceptable dose of oxygen every breath you take.
  • Portable concentrators that weigh 2 to 8 pounds only deliver oxygen on-demand pulse flow. Manufacturers of these devices place arbitrary numbers such as 1-3 or 1-6 to refer to the size of the pulse flow of oxygen and are not the same as liter flow. These settings are considered liter flow equivalents. Also, these devices do not all produce the same amount of oxygen at a given setting.
Why Self-Monitor Before You Buy a POC
  • Many people commonly check their blood pressure, blood sugar or air flow rate (peak flow) at home. We can measure temperature and weight whenever we have the need.
  • We can now measure our blood oxygen and pulse rate at home as well, using a simple pulse oximeter. A common word used when measuring oxygen is titration.
  • Titrating is the measurement of what your oxygen equipment setting is achieving in the arterial blood. It’s the blood that energizes the tissue. By taking your own measurements, you can adjust your oxygen setting for any situation and with any portable oxygen concentrator
Who to Ask Before You Buy a POC
  • We understand that finding a portable oxygen concentrator that accommodates both lifestyle and oxygen needs can be a difficult process for both you and your loved one. Our respiratory team will take the time necessary to choose the right portable concentrator for your respiratory needs.
  • Our trial period on all portable oxygen concentrators assures your oxygen needs are met. 

* This is a general statement. Your physician must prescribe your specific target saturation level.

30-Day Risk-Free Trial

We understand that a portable oxygen concentrator can be a big investment. At OxiMedical, we give you 30 days (up to 15 hours of use) to decide if the portable concentrator you purchased is right for you. We recommend you visit your doctor or pulmonary rehab to assure you purchased the right portable concentrator.

Exchange – If you are not satisfied with the portable you purchased, we will exchange it for the portable that meets your needs. All exchanges must occur within 30 days from purchase date (limited to one exchange).

Return – You may return your portable concentrator within 30 days of purchase for a refund of the product sale price, less a $99 processing fee, which includes return shipping costs.

*See our Return Policy for full details.

OxiMedical Promise

Protected Warranty

In the eyes of the factory, OxiMedical holds the warranty for your unit. We promise to maintain your factory warranty if you transfer ownership of your portable concentrator.

Trade-In Upgrade Program

We give you the freedom to trade-in your portable for a different model, whether you need a higher flow setting or want the latest technology.

Replacement/Loaner Program

If your portable concentrator needs repair while under warranty, we will provide you with a replacement or a free loaner. You only pay for shipping.

NOTE: Factory Repairs Take Up to 6 Weeks so you may find a Loaner to be indispensable.

Buyback Program

If you do not have a need for the portable concentrator in the future, we offer a no-hassle buyback.

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