Inogen At Home


Inogen At Home Continuous Flow 1 to 5 Settings

The Inogen At Home oxygen concentrator system is lightweight and includes leading energy saving features.

  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Only 100 W per hour

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Inogen At Home Specifications
Size: 16.5″ H x 13″ W x 7″ D
Weight: 18 lbs
Oxygen Flow: 1 – 5 LPM
Noise level: 40 dBA at 2 LPM
Power sensing: 100-240 V, 275 W, 50-60 Hz (auto sensing to allow worldwide use)
Warranty: 3-year warranty

The Inogen At Home is in a class of its own, providing up to 5 liters of oxygen per minute in a compact, 18-pound unit. This makes the Inogen At Home an excellent choice for those who need to travel with their home concentrator in order to use continuous flow oxygen while sleeping. The Inogen At Home operates at half the cost of other home models and will reduce your electric bill since it draws only 100 W per hour while on 2 LPM, compared to more than 300 W for other 5-liter models. It also generates less heat, keeping your central air usage down as well.