Having the necessary information is essential to successfully manage your oxygen to stay within your clinician-prescribed oxygen saturation and heart rate range. With Go2, you’re in control:
Adjust your oxygen to meet your daily activity levels.Get instant feedback on the effectiveness of your breathing techniques.Improve communication with your clinician. Go Further! Independence Restored.

A chronic lung disease diagnosis often requires that adjustments be made in your daily activities. However, it does not have to mean a life of limitation! Whether you’re looking for peace of mind, to go out for a night at the movies, or to up your activity level by walking those extra blocks around the neighborhood – the Go2 fingertip oximeter is the perfect companion! Wherever you decide to go, Go2 tucks away in your purse or pocket and provides the assurance that you are within your prescribed oxygen saturation and heart rate range – anywhere, anytime.

Lanyard, batteries, manual, and carrying case all included.

2-Year warranty
LCD display
Simple, user-friendly design
FDA Approved
Includes neck strap (lanyard), carrying case, and one (1) AAA battery