• malcolm campbell says:

    please sent me information asap about this machine

  • Joe kopecky says:

    Need information on portable oxygen.

  • Jim Yount says:

    Any published or estimated price?

  • Trish Hoffman says:

    I need more info about portable oxygen generators. I have AARP complete United Health Care. Does this insurance cover
    portable oxygen?

    • OxiMedical says:

      Only your insurance company can provide information about the expenses they cover. We recommend you contact United Healthcare and request your benefits for billing code E1390, which is the code for the purchase of an oxygen concentrator. While we do not handle any insurance billing, we have had numerous customers received reimbursement from United Healthcare for a portion of their expense.

  • JoAnn Striplin says:

    Can we get a home concentrator through you or must we continue to rent one. We already have the portable concentrator that we bought from you. If we can purchase one, could we get some sort of price range?

    • OxiMedical says:

      Yes, you can certainly purchase a home concentrator from us. Our home units start at $545.

  • Druie Dugger says:

    Do you have pricing information and availability yet? Does it come with 2 batteries?
    Medicare/Obama care decided I can’t have my simply go back. It was sent in for repair but it’s out of warranty. I want to buy a travel concentrator with continuous capability.

    • OxiMedical says:

      Unfortunately, we do not have details from the manufacturer yet. However, if you need a unit that offers a continuous flow option, the Invacare Platinum Portable will not work for you. The SimplyGo is the smallest unit available that provides a continuous flow option. Others include the SeQual eQuinox and SeQual Eclipse 5.

  • David baker says:

    I need help finding a way to get around with ease instead of carrying a E size tank.

  • Dave Varnes says:

    My doctor has written a prescription for a portable concentrator but my supplier cannot find one to suit my needs. I need up to 6 lpm continuous flow. Does that machine exist? I am not able to life tanks in and out of the car and it is becoming harder for my wife to assist me because of her back problems. I’m becoming a prisoner in my own home. I hope you have good news.

    • OxiMedical says:

      Unfortunately, no. No POC exists that can provide up to 6 LPM continuous. The most powerful POC on the market is the SeQual Eclipse 5. It provides up to 3 LPM continuous and pulse settings up to 9.

  • Judith Taipale says:

    I was just prescribed oxygen at home. I am starting with a bed side concentrator. So far Medicare says no but drs say I need it. Give me a reason why yours may be the one I need.

    • OxiMedical says:

      We don’t know which one of our concentrators is best for you without knowing more about your oxygen needs. Are you using oxygen only at night? What flow setting has your doctor prescribed? We invite you to call us so we can assist you in finding the best oxygen concentrator to meet your needs and offer our best pricing.