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  Inogen One G4 at OxiMedical Respiratory

Inogen One G4

  $2495 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) When you need a light portable oxygen concentrator that can introduce active oxygen back into your lifestyle you need to look no further than the NEW Inogen One G4. Offering 1 to 3 pulse flow settings and an easy to change rechargeable battery, the Inogen portable line has never been more ready to travel.
  • 1 to 3 Settings
  • Only 3 Pounds
  • 4.5 Hour Battery
Inogen One G4
Inogen One G3

Inogen One G3

  $2495 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) The Inogen One G3 is a popular choice for oxygen users seeking to find a lightweight portable concentrator with high pulse flows and long battery life. The Inogen One G3 gives you the freedom you need with its 5 pulse settings, compact size, and long battery life. The Inogen One G3 8-cell battery provides 4.5 hours on setting 2 while the 16-cell battery provides 9 hours at the same setting, making the Inogen G3 an excellent choice for travel and everyday use.
  • 1 to 5 Settings
  • Only 4.8 Pounds
  • 8 Hour Battery
Inogen's Excellent Concentrators at OxiMedical

Inogen for every need

Inogen is a leader in the portable oxygen concentrator market. Inogen has been manufacturing portable oxygen concentrators for more than ten years and they are continually improving their offerings to implement the latest technology and meet consumer demands. Among Inogen products, you’ll find the Inogen One G4, which is the most powerful pulse-only unit available, and Inogen One G3, which rivals competitors on size, weight and battery life. You’ll also find the Inogen At Home, the smallest home concentrator on the market and a great benefit for those who like to travel with their home unit or are seeking lower electricity costs while at home.  
Inogen At Home

Inogen At Home

  $1495 The Inogen At Home is in a class of its own, providing up to 5 liters of oxygen per minute in a compact, 18-pound unit. This makes the Inogen At Home an excellent choice for those who need to travel with their home concentrator in order to use continuous flow oxygen while sleeping. The Inogen At Home operates at half the cost of other home models and will reduce your electric bill since it draws only 100 W per hour while on 2 LPM, compared to more than 300 W for other 5-liter models. It also generates less heat, keeping your central air usage down as well.
  • 1 to 5 Settings
  • 18 Pounds
  • Only 100 W Per Hr
Maintenance and Repairs at OxiMedical Respiratory

Did you know?

OxiMedical provides maintenance and repair services for all of the Inogen One and Inogen At Home products. Our technicians are trained and certified by the manufacturer.

Will Medicare Pay for a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

  The question of whether Medicare will cover the cost of a portable oxygen concentrator is one we receive frequently. You may have been told by your homecare provider that Medicare does not cover portable oxygen concentrators or that they simply do not carry them. You’ll rarely be given a full explanation, in part because it’s complicated. The answer is Yes and No.  

The Yes and No of Medicare Coverage

  No, Medicare will not purchase a portable oxygen concentrator. They provide only a monthly rental benefit for oxygen equipment.   No, Medicare will not cover a portable oxygen concentrator in addition to the oxygen tanks you most likely already receive. They don’t pay more money for more equipment.   Yes, your Medicare oxygen benefit covers the cost of portable oxygen. However, the portable oxygen benefit can be satisfied with small liquid tanks, larger gaseous tanks, or a portable oxygen concentrator. Regardless of the equipment provided, Medicare pays the same amount of money each month to the homecare provider. It is up to your homecare provider to decide what you will receive.   Yes, your homecare provider can choose to provide you with a portable oxygen concentrator under your Medicare benefit.   No, most homecare providers do not choose to provide a portable concentrator. Since they receive the same amount of reimbursement from Medicare for a portable concentrator as they would for an oxygen tank, and yet the portable concentrator is much more costly to them, most homecare providers simply cannot afford it.  

Can I change homecare providers to get a portable oxygen concentrator?

Again, the answer is a bit complicated. Your Medicare oxygen benefit runs on a 5-year cycle. During the first 3 years, your homecare provider can bill Medicare the full benefit amount for your home and portable equipment. They receive about $125 per month for all oxygen equipment. During the final 2 years, they can only bill Medicare for the maintenance on the equipment, so they receive even less.   Any company that may provide a portable oxygen concentrator would need to take advantage of the full 5-year cycle in order to recoup enough cost to cover their expenses. Thus, they would need to be able to bill Medicare within the first couple months of your initial need for oxygen, or at the beginning of your next 5-year cycle. Timing is everything.   Also, keep in mind that oxygen equipment falls under Medicare’s competitive bidding which is geographic in nature. Most likely there are several homecare companies that have won the bid for your area and only those companies can bill Medicare on your behalf.  

So what’s the bottom line?

Yes, Medicare covers the cost of a portable oxygen concentrator. But in reality, your odds of finding a local Medicare company that will provide you with a portable concentrator are slim to none.   That’s why at OxiMedical we provide you with the best brands in portable oxygen at prices you can afford.