Inogen One G5 Portable Concentrator

Only 4.6 Pounds
1 to 6 Pulse Setting

30 Day Risk Free Trial

Free Express Shipping

Drop-it Protection

System Options

Single Battery (4.5 Hrs)
Double Battery (9 Hrs)
Home Charger
Car Charger
Lifetime Warranty

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    1. 30-Day Risk-Free Trial

    If you’re not satisfied with the portable concentrator you purchased, we’ll exchange it for the portable oxygen concentrator that meets your oxygen needs.

    2. Trade-In Upgrade Program

    If you need to Upgrade to a Higher Flow Oxygen Portable Machine or a Lighter Portable.

    3. Warranty Transfer Program

    If you sell your portable to a third party, we’ll continue to support the manufacturer warranty.

    4. Free Lifetime Technical Support and Software Upgrades

    We are here to answer any questions about your portable oxygen system.

    5. Automatic Replacement Program

    If your portable oxygen needs repair while under warranty, we will provide you with a replacement.

    6. Best Price Buy Back Program

    If you do not have a need for the portable in the future.

    7. Free Drop-It Insurance

    No extra charge if you drop your Inogen G5.*

    Inogen G5 Specifications
    Accessories for Inogen One G5

    Inogen One G5 Single

    8-Cell Small Battery

    Inogen One G5 Double

    16-Cell Large Battery

    Inogen One G5 External Battery Charger

    Inogen One G5 Backpack

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    Why Buy An Inogen From OxiMedical? 

    OxiMedical’s executive team has over 30 years of combined experience selling and servicing oxygen concentrators; our experience enables us to answer patient questions with a clear understanding of every product Inogen offers. Our dedicated personnel have extensive training in customer service and diverse competencies in oxygen equipment service and repairs.

    Call us at 844-665-5396 and speak with a respiratory specialist who will help you find the best oxygen concentrator to meet your needs, at a price you can afford.

    The Inogen One G5 offers an impressive 1,260 mL of oxygen output per minute, 6 oxygen flow settings, and weighs only 4.57 pounds with the single battery, making it the most powerful Inogen model and most powerful oxygen concentrator available among lightweight, compact models. The Inogen One G5 also boasts a longer battery life than all other models, allowing you to more freedom in your day-to-day activities and for extended travel, removing barriers to a vibrant, active life.

    The Superior Choice

    The Inogen One G5 exceeds the standard features of all other portable concentrator models, including the Philips SimplyGo Mini, Caire Comfort, Drive iGo2, ResMed Mobi , and Invacare Perfecto2 Mobile. Compared to these models, the Inogen One G5:

    • Is lighter
    • Is smaller
    • Providers more oxygen
    • Has longer battery times
    • Offers sieve columns that can be easily replaced by the oxygen user
    • Bluetooth connectivity to the Inogen Connect app for easy monitoring, maintenance reminders, and software upgrades
    • Boasts the reliability of preceding Inogen concentrators
    Traveling With the Inogen G5

    The Inogen One G5 meets FAA requirements for flying with a portable oxygen concentrator, and because the Inogen brand name is so widely recognized, you can expect reduced hassle with airlines and airport security personnel. Its compact size and ability to charge in an automobile outlet makes the Inogen One G5 suitable for everyday outings as well.