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Reviews You Can Trust From A Company You Can Trust

Here are 3 key points to help you understand our Company Guidelines in terms of gathering real reviews from real people through Trustpilot and good old fashion handwritten letters.

We have a multitude of options for inviting our customers to leave a review. However, regardless of which method they choose, review invitations must meet our Company Guidelines, and invite customers in a neutral way.

1. Is every genuine customer given the chance to express their opinion on OxiMedical?

We invite everyone to review our company

OxiMedical won’t miss out on opportunities to build our credibility!

Companies that filter out negative reviews waste an opportunity to get feedback and learn how to improve. They also miss a chance to build credibility: consumers reading our reviews often see our efforts to reply to and resolve negative reviews as a good thing!

We include contact information in our invitation emails, and it is done neutrally. This means inviting all customers, equally, to contact the company with feedback – not just those who had problems.

A neutral example is: “We’d like to invite you to review us on TrustPilot. Or you can contact us directly with any feedback by writing to:” Contact details are placed below the link that directs customers to review us on Trustpilot.

2. Is Our language and format neutral? Yes!

Invitations are written and structured in a neutral and unbiased way. We leave out any statements that try to persuade customers to write reviews that reflect anything other than their honest, genuine opinion.

When we say “neutrally”, we mean irrespective of the star rating awarded by a customer, or the review content. For example, we do not offer rewards to customers who leave “a positive review” or “a five-star review.” Similarly, if a company runs a competition, the winning customer(s) will be selected at random and without regard to the content of their review(s).

3. Are any rewards or incentives offered to our reviewers? If so, are they offered to all of them?

When we offer incentives or rewards (including discounts or entry into prize draws) in our review invitation emails, we offer the same incentive or reward neutrally and equally to ALL reviewers.

OxiMedical doesn’t provide rewards in return for good ratings

We are open about any incentives!

Thank You Notes From Our Customers

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