New Product Announcement – CAIRE Comfort Portable Oxygen Concentrator Releases January 11, 2018

In early 2018, CAIRE Medical will release the CAIRE Comfort, a 4.8-pound portable oxygen concentrator that will provide pulse flow oxygen up to setting 5. This unit will be very comparable to the Inogen One G3 with a small battery that lasts up to 5 hours and a large battery that lasts up to 9 hours on setting 1. Either battery can be charged in the unit while plugged into an electrical outlet at home or in an accessory outlet in your vehicle, allowing you the freedom to travel endless miles without worrying about your oxygen.

The CAIRE Comfort has an easy-to-read patient-friendly multi-color display and field-replaceable sieve columns. The sieve columns are a feature that will set the CAIRE Comfort apart from the competitors’ models. Unlike the Inogen One G3 and the Philips SimplyGo Mini which provide only a 1-year warranty on the sieve columns and an expected life of roughly 18 months, the CAIRE Comfort will include a full 3-year warranty on the sieve columns and an even longer expected life. With the CAIRE Comfort, you will no longer have to hassle with replacement sieve columns every 15-18 months.

Who is CAIRE Medical?

CAIRE Medical is a division of Chart Industries, which develops oxygen equipment for NASA and cryogenic containers for transporting organs for emergency surgery and are the leaders in cutting-edge medical products. Already a leader in liquid oxygen systems, Chart Industries strengthened its oxygen division when it acquired the AirSep Corporation. AirSep was the developer of the first portable oxygen concentrator to be FDA approved for medical use and whose technology continues to be the foundation for all portable oxygen concentrator approved by the FDA. AirSep also led the way for airline approval by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of battery-powered concentrators.

In order to offer a complete line of concentrators for oxygen users, Chart also acquired SeQual Technologies, the manufacturer of the SeQual Eclipse and SeQual eQuinox, powerhouse portable concentrators that provide up to 192 mL of oxygen per breath or 3 liters per minute. The SeQual Eclipse was first product purchased by the U.S. Military to be used in transporting soldiers from combat.

What’s unique about CAIRE Medical is they have the ability to take you from the initial small 5-pound concentrator in the beginning of your oxygen needs as a COPD patient to providing more robust products when your oxygen needs increase.

The next generation of portable concentrators will be an even smaller 2 ½ pound wearable concentrator that will be released at the end of 2018. That machine will be in direct competition with the Inogen One G4 as it will be the smallest and lightest portable concentrator that produces medical-grade oxygen.

The CAIRE Comfort will be available for purchase directly from the manufacturer or one of their five master internet distributors. We are proud to be listed as a CAIRE Medical Authorized Internet Partner and look forward to offering the CAIRE Comfort in 2018.


  • Judith Taipale says:

    I was just prescribed oxygen at home. I am starting with a bed side concentrator. So far Medicare says no but drs say I need it. Give me a reason why yours may be the one I need.

    • OxiMedical says:

      We don’t know which one of our concentrators is best for you without knowing more about your oxygen needs. Are you using oxygen only at night? What flow setting has your doctor prescribed? We invite you to call us so we can assist you in finding the best oxygen concentrator to meet your needs and offer our best pricing.