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OxiMedical opened its doors in 1996 providing sales and service to oxygen users and, later, expanding our offerings with the introduction of portable oxygen concentrators. Our focus then, as it is today, is to ensure that our customers are provided the appropriate oxygen equipment for their oxygen therapy needs.

The technology and manufacturers have grown in number and flavor in the years since 1996 and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down! Great news for oxygen patients and the industry as a whole. That means that no matter where you are in the world, you can ditch those old oxygen tanks for an oxygen system that will ensure no matter where your life takes you, you’ll never be short of breath.

Being an Authorized Dealer Makes a Difference

There may be a lot of companies getting their hands on oxygen concentrators these days, but it is important as an oxygen patient and a consumer to know the integrity of the retailer from whom you make your purchase.

OxiMedical works directly with the major manufacturers, such as Philips and Inogen, to ensure that our sales and service live up the standards they hold themselves to. Because of this, we are one of a select few retailers bestowed with their unique Authorized Dealer badges.

That means you can trust us to back up our promises.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

“Worth your weight in Gold. Today, I met someone who represents your Company like very few do, today. His first name is Leo. He worked a problem for me and did not stop until it was solved. In fact, he was doing it for my wife who uses the Inogen one-G2. Thank you for having a person in your company who really cares about his customers. He has made a Million dollars worth of good will for your company without being asked. As a military retiree, I know the kind of person he is and thank him from the bottom of my heart. I will always do business with you because of Leo-Tech Services.”

– M.H.M, Lt.Colonel (USAF,Ret.), TX

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Best Service Program In The Business • Don’t Settle For Less

1. 30-Day Risk-Free Trial

      If you’re not satisfied with the portable concentrator you purchased, we’ll exchange it for the

      portable oxygen concentrator that meets your oxygen needs.

2. Trade-In Upgrade Program

       If you need to Upgrade to a Higher Flow Oxygen Portable Machine or a Lighter Portable.

3. Warranty Transfer Program

       If you sell your portable to a third party, we’ll continue to support the manufacturer warranty.

4. Free Lifetime Technical Support

       We are here to answer any questions about your portable oxygen system.

5. Automatic Replacement Program

      If your portable oxygen needs repair while under warranty, we will provide you with a


6. Best Price Buy Back Program

       If you do not have a need for the portable in the future.

7. Lifetime Software Upgrades

        No extra charge if your portable requires a new software upgrade

Customer Reviews

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards fake reviews and falsified customer feedback. Our company guidelines require we invite our customers to leave reviews in an unbiased way.


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