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SeQual eQuinox

New SeQual eQuinox

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SeQual eQuinox Basic System
with 12-Cell Battery

SeQual eQuinox Basic Bundle from OxiMedical Respiratory SeQual eQuinox Battery Unit is Easy to Replace! SeQual eQuinox 12-Cell Battery SeQual eQuinox 24-Cell Battery

The new SeQual eQuinox will be an entirely different portable oxygen concentrator. The eQuinox boasts these great features:

  • 33% smaller than the Eclipse
  • Only 14 pounds with 12-cell battery
  • Same oxygen output - 3 LPM continuous and pulse flow up to Setting 1 to 9
  • Front-loading battery for easy access during travel, and everyday use
  • 2 battery options: 
    • 12-cell battery - lasts 2.5 hours 2 Pulse
    • 24-cell battery - lasts 5 hours 2 Pulse
  • Talking display panel that will communicate vital concentrator information, such as flow setting and battery duration, in a choice of ten languages, which will be very helpful for the visually impaired
  • Only 37 dBA - the quietest continuous flow unit on the market
  • FAA Approved for airline travel
  • Newly designed super-durable case

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SeQual eQuinox Control Panel with Labels

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SeQual Eclipse 5 and SeQual eQuinox
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Eclipse 5

SeQual Eclipse 5
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SeQual eQuinox, brand new, smaller SeQual Portable
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Portable Weight
18 lbs with the 24-Cell Battery
12-Cell Battery Not Available
16 lbs with 24-Cell Battery
14 lbs with 12-Cell Battery
Size (in inches)
17.9 high
11.4 wide
7.1 deep
 14" high
 10.9" wide
 7.9" deep
Flow Settings
Continuous 1-2-3
Pulse 1 to 9
Continuous 1-2-3
Pulse 1 to 9
Battery Duration Continuous Flow Settings 1-2-3
1 = 3.7 hrs
2 = 2.4 hrs
3 = 1.3 hrs
1.2 hours at 2 LPM with 12-cell
2.7 hours at 2 LPM with 24-cell
Battery Duration Pulse Settings 1-2-3
1 = 5.4 hrs (24-Cell)
2 = 4.5 hrs (24-Cell)
3 = 3.5 hrs (24-Cell)
1 =  5.5 hrs (24-Cell) 
2 =  5.0 hrs (24-Cell)
3 =  3.5
 hrs (24-Cell)
Sound Levels
 45 dBA @ 2 LPM continuous
47 dBA on pulse

44 dBA @ 2 LPM continuous
37 dBA on pulse

Will the unit run on continuous flow in the car?
Yes Yes
Will the battery charge in the car?
Yes Yes
FAA Airline Approved
Yes Yes
Factory Warranty
3 Years
Optional 5 Years
3 Years

Understanding Your Oxygen Order Before You Buy a POC

  • Oxygen is prescribed by a control of the flow rate, i.e., liter flow. The common 1-3 liters per minute continuous flow is not appropriate in all situations. This could be too much or not enough.
  • Precision in the use of the proper flow, or amount of oxygen, is necessary. The flow of oxygen should achieve the normal amount of oxygen in your blood, expressed as a saturation above 90%. *
    * This is a general statement. Your physician must prescribe your specific target saturation level

What to Know Before You Buy a POC

  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators manufacture oxygen, they do not store oxygen.
  • Portable concentrators produce enough oxygen per minute, which allows for an acceptable dose of oxygen every breath you take.
  • Portable concentrators that weigh 2 to 8 pounds only deliver oxygen on demand pulse flow.
  • Manufacturers of these devices place arbitrary numbers such as 1-3 or 1-6 to refer to the size of the pulse flow of oxygen and are not the same as liter flow. These settings are considered liter flow equivalents.
  • Also, these devices do not all produce the same amount of oxygen at a given setting.

Who to Ask Before You Buy a POC

  • Our respiratory team of licensed nurses and respiratory therapists will take the time necessary to choose the right portable for your respiratory needs.
  • Our 14-day trial period on all portable oxygen concentrators assures your oxygen needs are met.
  • We understand that finding a portable oxygen concentrator that accommodates both lifestyle and oxygen needs can be a difficult process for both you and your loved one.

Why Self-Monitor Before You Buy a POC

  • Many people commonly check their blood pressure, blood sugar or air flow rate (peak flow) at home.
  • We can measure temperature and weight whenever we have the need.
  • We can now measure our blood oxygen and pulse rate at home as well, using a simple pulse oximeter.
  • A common word used when measuring oxygen is titration.
  • Titrating is the measurement of what your oxygen equipment and setting is achieving in the arterial blood. It’s the blood that energizes the tissue.
  • By taking your own measurements, you can adjust your oxygen setting for any situation and with any portable oxygen concentrator.
About the SeQual eQuinox
SeQual eQuinox Information
Perhaps the most welcome news is that the eQuinox Portable Concentrator has full functionality on DC power in the car. The battery can re-charge and the unit will run up to 3 LPM continuous and all pulse flow settings.

In addition, the internal components are more reliable and robust, making the eQuinox Portable the most powerful and reliable oxygen generator on the market. 33% smaller than all the 3-liter continuous flow portable units on the market. This is truly the next generation of concentrators that can be used 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

With its newly designed 30,000-hr super-quiet intelligent motor that conserves power yet delivers high flows of oxygen. 

Additional Features of the SeQual eQuinox
  • It has many of the specifications of the Eclipse 5 oxygen performance. In a much smaller and lighter package.
  • The eQuinox has the most clinical features on the market to meet 95% of oxygen patient's needs
    • autoSat Technology
    • Adjustable Bolus Size
    • Adjustable Rise Time
    • Pulse Dose Technology

Some want the freedom to go at a moment's notice, with a lightweight portable system that offers a wide range of settings. Others want the peace of mind that a robust, dependable stationary oxygen system provides. Now you can have the best of both, with one system, the SeQual eQuinox Portable. Your Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System.


You can decide how oxygen therapy will affect your lifestyle. Take an active role. Enhance your quality of life. Choose to thrive. The SeQual eQuinox Portable with AutoSAT Technology, the Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System can help you achieve the freedom you deserve.

The eQuinox Portable oxygen concentrator is a single solution with both continuous and pulse dose options. It's the only personal ambulatory oxygen system on the market - a concentrator powerful enough to be your stationary system and mobile enough to ambulate. Use it around the house, the town and the world.

Be adventurous. The SeQual eQuinox Portable keeps up with various activities of your life while providing an unwavering oxygen supply through several power options. You now have the opportunity to plant flowers in your garden, walk to your best friend's house, or fly to Italy with loved ones.
  • Sleek design is small, lightweight and
  • easy to maneuver
  • Telescoping-handled cart facilitates movement in or outside the home
  • AC, DC and rechargeable power cartridge (battery) enables long excursion times and extended overnight travel anywhere in the world
  • Allows for increased activity levels
  • FAA Approved for commercial airline travel
The AutoSAT feature of the SeQual eQuinox Portable adjusts to your respiratory rate as it increases and decreases. AutoSAT provides you unparalleled performance without limiting available oxygen, enabling the unit to automatically adjust to increased oxygen demands that occur as a part of everyday life.

Experience independence. Now you get to choose how you live and dramatically improve your lifestyle. The SeQual eQuinox Portable eliminates the fear of running out of oxygen giving you peace of mind.
  • Provides a continuous supply of oxygen by extracting it out of surrounding air
  • Lower electricity bills - uses up to 70% less energy than other stationary concentrators
  • Reduced noise and heat levels
  • Produces 3,000 ml of oxygen - 3x more than any other portable device on the market
  • AutoSAT Technology - pulse delivery system that maintains a consistent bolus size for every breath as your respiratory rate increases and decreases
Life doesn't stop with the prescription of long term oxygen therapy. With the eQuinox Portable you can go to the store for a last minute purchase, the movies with the grandkids or a road trip across the country.

Life is a series of moments... make the most of yours!

The eQuinox Portable oxygen concentrator can be your 24/7 all-in-one system, whether for day or nocturnal needs. With the power to do continuous flow up to 3 Liters and a max pulse size of
96 milliliters in the pulse setting, the eQuinox Portable can adapt as your oxygen needs progress.

Celebrate. Encourage the greatest quality of life. Whether it's going on a cruise or watching your child get married, the eQuinox Portable allows you to live up to life's potential. You can be spontaneous, flexible and free spirited.

The perfect balance between portability and clinical efficiency

SeQual eQuinox and woman walking with cart

The eQuinox features an advanced voice module interface as well as the highest pulse and continuous flow options available in an easy-to-maneuver frame. The eQuinox is 35% smaller than the Eclipse 5, making it the smallest transportable concentrator on the market offering 3.0 LPM flow.

The eQuinox has a variety of new features to make using a POC easier than ever. A multi-language voice interface audibly alerts you of setting changes, alarms, and battery time remaining. The screen intermittently displays the remaining battery time, providing an extra layer of comfort and peace of mind.

The eQuinox is fully functional on AC, DC, and battery power with pulse settings 1-9 and continuous flow up to 3.0 LPM. All this, and it is only 45 dB at 2 continuous flow–making it world class quiet.

  • Weighs 14 lbs (6.4 kg) with standard battery
  • Continuous flow of 0.5 - 3.0 LPM
  • 9 pulse settings up to 192 mL—the highest pulse dose output of any POC
  • Standard (12 cell) Battery Duration: 1.2 hours at 2.0LPM continuous flow, 2.7 hours at pulse setting 2
  • Optional (24 cell) Battery Duration: 2.75 hours at 2.0LPM continuous flow, 5.9 hours at pulse setting 2

Lightweight and Cutting-Edge Technology

The SeQual eQuinox is the newest, quietest, and most advanced transportable POC on the market. With cutting-edge technology providing numerous new features to meet both patient wants and provider needs, the SeQual eQuinox is the premier POC available.

The eQuinox continues to deliver the revolutionary clinical benefits you have come to expect from SeQual POCs, but now includes additional user enhancements.

The Multi-Language Voice Interface offers a new layer of comfort to users by providing verbal confirmation of changed flow rate settings, as well as announcing battery times and any alarms. The language can even be changed to offer feedback in the language most comfortable to the end user.

Weighing in at only 14 pounds, the newly designed, easy-to-manuever frame makes the SeQual eQuinox the lightest weight POC able to offer 3.0 LPM continuous flow. This small package is powerful enough to give patients the freedom to enjoy life on the go.

The eQuinox is fully functional on AC Power, DC Power, and battery power. Wherever a patient goes, the eQuinox goes with them and keeps up with the various activities of daily living. With the option of a longer lasting 24-cell battery pack, the eQuinox can achieve 2.75 hours of operation at 2.0 LPM.

The eQuinox is an all-in-one non-delivery modality solution for your oxygen business. Providing continuous flow options from 0.5 LPM to 3.0 LPM and 9 pulse flow settings from 16mL to 192mL, the SeQual eQuinox can meet a patient's 24-7 needs.

The comprehensive dosing selection allows a patient to be treated at rest, during sleep, at exercise, and at altitude.



  SeQual eQuinox Product Specifications
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  Size (H x W x D): 13.6 in H x 10.6 in W x 7.4 in D
   With Power Cartridge: 
12.2 lbs
14 lbs with 12-cell battery installed
 Continuous flow settings:  1-2-3 Liters Per Minute (LPM)
 Oxygen concentration:  90% ± 3% @ sea level
  Oxygen output pressure:  5.0 psig (34.5 kPa) nominal
  Pulse flow settings:   1 to 9
  Trigger Sensitivity:

  Adjustable between
   -0.25 cm H 2 O to -0.7 cm H 2 O

  Sound level:   37 dba average on pulse
  46 dBA @ 3LPM continuous
  Power specifications:
   AC Operation:
   DC Operation:
   Power Cartridge:
   100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz, 12 V nominal
  Quantity (2) 97.5 W-Hr. battery packs
  each containing 7.92 grams of
  equivalent lithium content 
  Power Consumption:  110 watts at 3.0 LPM continuous flow
  24-Cell Power Cartridge
   operating time:
 2.75 hours at 2.0 LPM continuous flow
 5.0 hours at 2.0 pulse flow setting, 16 bpm
  Power Cartridge
   recharge time:
  1.8 to 5.0 hours, dependent upon the
 flow setting, to achieve 80%
 capacity from a fully discharged
 Power Cartridge
  Back-up alarm power:  9 Volt battery
  Oxygen concentration

   Green Light = Normal
  Yellow Light = Caution <85%
  Red Flashing = Warning <70%

 Operating temperature:  50° to 104° F (10° to 40° C)
 82.4° F (28° C) dew point, non-condensing
  Altitude operating range:  0 - 13,123 feet (0 - 4000 meters)
  Range of breathing frequency:  Up to 40 continuous breaths per minute
  Pulse Volume ( /- 15%),
   unaffected by number
   of breaths per minute
 1.0 setting = 16 milliliters
 2.0 setting = 32 milliliters
 3.0 setting = 48 milliliters
 4.0 setting = 64 milliliters
 5.0 setting = 80 milliliters
 6.0 setting = 96 milliliters
 7.0 setting = 128 milliliters
 8.0 setting = 160 milliliters
 9.0 setting = 192 milliliters
  Transition to continuous flow:  Audible alert if no inspiration has been
 detected after 15 seconds. Switches 
 to continuous flow if no inspiration has
 been detected for 30 seconds. 
 ON/OFF Switch
 Flow adjustment buttons
 Continuous and
 Pulse Flow button

 Loss of power
 Low Power Cartridge
 Low Therapeutic Oxygen Output
 Oxygen flow outside normal limits
 No inspiration detected in Pulse Flow
 Unit Malfunction






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SeQual eQuinox Manual (Click to View PDF File)

SeQual eQuinox Manual available through OxiMedical Respiratory