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SeQual Eclipse Accessories for All Eclipse Models

SeQual Eclipse Power Cartridge Battery from

SeQual Eclipse Power Cartridge
(Rechargeable Battery)
Model: 7082

Our Price: $350   

One #7082 Power Cartridge is supplied with the #6900 Eclipse 3 Oxygen System, and provides up to 5.0 hours of battery operation (depending on flow rate and settings). Many patients choose to purchase additional Power Cartridges for extended excursion times between "power islands" - such as a home electric socket, car or boat accessory (lighter) outlet, airport electric plug, etc. - wherever AC or DC power is available. Whenever connected to AC power, the Power Cartridge recharges automatically.

SeQual Eclipse Desktop Charger from
Power Cartridge (Battery)

SeQual Eclipse Desktop Charger
Model: 7112

Our Price: $165  

Recharges the Power Cartridge in less than three hours. Comes with detachable North American Power Cord for any standard household 120 VAC outlet. With SeQual Power Cords designed for plugs outside North America, the Desktop Charger can be used anywhere in the world with 100 VAC or 240 VAC, and from 50-60 Hz. A great item to have for maximum versatility and mobility, wherever you go.

SeQual Eclipse 3 AC Power Supply from

SeQual Eclipse AC Power Supply with North American (NEMA 5-15) Power Cord
Model: 5941

Our Price: $165  

The AC Power Supply, standard with the #6900 Eclipse Oxygen System, plugs into any standard household electric outlet anywhere in the world with power from 100 VAC to 240 VAC, and from 50-60 Hz. When the Eclipse is connected to household current via the Power Supply, it automatically charges the Power Cartridge - whether the Eclipse itself is operating at any flow rate - or turned off.

This AC Power Supply is compatible with either the Eclipse 2, 3 or 5, but NOT the Eclipse 1. In order to use this AC Adapter with an Eclipse 1 unit, you will need a Power Adapter Cord.

SeQual Eclipse 3 DC Power Supply from

SeQual Eclipse DC Power Supply with Vehicle Accessory Outlet Plug
Model: 5942

Our Price: $165  

One DC Power Supply is supplied with #6900 Eclipse Oxygen System and plugs into a 12-volt DC power source, with a 15- or 20-ampere circuit, such as a car or boat accessory lighter. It operates the Eclipse; however, it does NOT charge the Power Cartridge. Many users find it handy to have more than one DC Power Supply, keeping one in each vehicle, for example.

This DC Power Supply is compatible with either the Eclipse 2, 3 or 5, but NOT the Eclipse 1. In order to use this DC Adapter with and Eclipse 1 unit, you will need a Power Adapter Cord.


SeQual Eclipse 1 AC/DC Power Adapter Cord
Model: SG 5210-2

Our Price: $95 

This power cord allows you to use the new Eclipse AC and DC Adapters with an Eclipse 1 unit.

 SeQual Eclipse Protective Weather Cover from
SeQual Eclipse Protective Weather Cover
Model: 5052
Our Price: $100   

When zipped securely around the Eclipse, this protective cover allows limited water resistance and rain protection
  • Reduces risk of external cosmetic damage to the Eclipse unit
  • Clear plastic window allows unobstructed viewing of the Eclipse control pane
SeQual Eclipse Deluxe Travel Case from
SeQual Eclipse Deluxe Travel Case
Model: 5010
Our Price: $100  

Cushioned interior comes with Velcro adjustable padded, and removable partitions.
Clear zippered plastic pocket conveniently stores paperwork or small personal items.
External Velcro flap on back aids fitting over the handle of the Eclipse Universal Cart (#5991)
SeQual Eclipse Pak Accessory Bag from

SeQual Eclipse Pak Accessory Bag
Model: 7104

Our Price: $50  

One #7104 Accessory Bag is supplied with the #6900 Eclipse 5 Oxygen System. This convenient accessory bag neatly stores Eclipse accessories and has room for small personal items, as well. Its sturdy rubber grip is comfortable, and easily slips over the handle Universal Cart (#5991).

SeQual Eclipse Humidifer Adapter Kit from
SeQual Eclipse Humidifier Adapter Kit
Model: 7116
Our Price: $35   

For additional comfort in continuous flow mode, or if your physician has prescribed it, the Humidifier Adapter Kit easily connects to the Eclipse and is easy to maintain. 

SeQual Eclipse Universal Cart from
SeQual Eclipse Universal Cart
Model: 5991
Our Price: $80   

The Eclipse fastens quickly to this sleek, lightweight cart. It features six-inch wheels for higher ground clearance and is ideal for all seasons, and all terrain. The newly designed frame provides easy access to the Battery. The handle slides up and down with several settings making individual adjustment easy. This cart is supplied with the #5600 Eclipse 5 Oxygen System.
SeQual Eclipse Wheelchair Pack from
SeQual Eclipse Wheelchair Pack
Model: 5220
Our Price: $125   
The Eclipse Wheelchair Pack attaches to any push-handle wheelchair using adjustable, buckle-style clips. The Eclipse fits easily into the main compartment and a Velcro flap provides easy access to the Eclipse battery.

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