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AirSep FreeStyle Accessories

AirSep External Battery Kit from
AirSep External Battery Kit
Model: BT026-1

Our Price: $400  
The AirSep FreeStyle has an internal battery that lasts 2.5 hours on setting 2. Many patients chose to purchase additional batteries for extended excursion times. The External Battery Kit includes 1 external battery that lasts 3.5 hours on Setting 2, and a battery charger. 
AirSep FreeStyle AC & DC Power Supply from

AirSep FreeStyle AC & DC Power Supply
Model: PW022-1

Our Price: $250 

The AC & DC Power Supply Model PW022-1, standard with the AirSep FreeStyle Oxygen Concentrator, plugs into any standard household electric outlet any where in the world with power from 100 VAC to 240 VAC, and from 50-60 Hz, or into the power outlet in a vehicle. When the FreeStyle is connected to household current via the AC Power Supply, it automatically charges the internal Battery, whether the FreeStyle itself is operating at any flow rate - or turned off.

AirSep FreeStyle Carry Case from

AirSep FreeStyle Carry Bag
Model: MI283-1

Our Price: $125

This Carry Bag is supplied with the AirSep FreeStyle Concentrator.

AirSep FreeStyle Call-All Bag from

AirSep FreeStyle/Focus Accessory Bag
Model: MI320-1

Our Price: $100

This Carry-All Bag is supplied with the AirSep FreeStyle and Focus. With divided sections, you can use it store all of your AirSep equipment.



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